How we work


On the B2B global LED display platform, any business or individual can sell, buy, rent or hire any type of LED display, be it new or second hand. All the LED displayed on  already exist (produced in stock or in warehouse) and can be available in the market at any particular point in time. It’s important for all LED suppliers and LED consumers to know what is available and can be used in the market at a certain point. will connect both parties, the supply and the demand, without them knowing each other. Once a final agreement is reached and the parties want to sign a contract, the identity of each party is disclosed. The contract is signed between the 2 parties and only then  will charge a commission of 5%.

  • LED display manufacturers:

If you are a LED display manufacturer, we can present your already existing in stock products through our web portal. In the same time, all your products (existing or to be produced) can also be promoted and communicated through our database and our social network channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, YouTube). When a buyer is found through our platform, we will operate as usual between the two parties and when final agreement is reached, a commission will be charged for the transaction. The final contract is done between the two parties involved, LED manufacturer and final client.

  • LED display owners:

We will help LED display owners to sell their used products in order to renew and keep up to date their inventory. It’s an important aspect for all LED rental businesses that need to keep pace with market trends and requirements. In the same time, all your inventory is shared on website, database and social media channels, increasing your chance to sell your LED display as well as offering it for rental purposes until final client is reached.

  • Events organizers: 

By simply filling in a LED request on, an event organizer can reach out to all LED suppliers worldwide. This will give the event organizer the huge advantage to find the best suitable LED display needed for he’s event as well as obtaining a the best price quotation. We can find LED display for all types of events, be it outdoor or indoor such as concerts, TV shows, car and motor shows, cultural events, sport events, public viewing, company events,